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A joust between two ants takes place in a pond: wielding little branches and sailing their autumn leaves through the waves, only the most skilled ant will prevail! It's a two player game; the players will try to throw each other out of balance and into the water.

Jam Site: GranadaJam


• Pablo Martinez Lopez (Programer,Game Designer) - pabloml.dev@gmail.com - www.pabloml.netai.net

• Miriam Rebollo Perez (Graphic Designer and 2d Artist) - miriamrp.art@gmail.com

• Lynn Ardoy (Lead Artist and 3d Modeler) - Twitter: @LynnxNarwhal - ernestoosunaardoy@gmail.com

• Jordi Roca Palma (Programer) - jordiijosean@hotmail.com

• Ismael Barea Insua (Sound designer) - ismaelbarea@hotmail.com


leaves_joust.zip 18 MB

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