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Love at first sight

You are a black hole. A small one. And you fell in love with a beautiful, huge back hole. She will never be even aware of your existence unless you grow up a little bit. For that, absorb every celestial body you can. But don't get too close to her too early, or your love will destroy you.


  • Gamepad: use left stick to move.
  • Keyboard: use arrow keys to move.

Let's talk about the game

It's our entry for GranadaGaming 2017 GameJam. Jam's theme was Unlimited. Quite wide. In our case, we thought of the vast Universe and a black hole's unlimited capacity to absorb everything.

The game itself is not unlimited, and it is possible to finish it. But it is true that while there is at least something to absorb, the black hole can keep growing.

The difference in the black hole size between the beginning and the end of the game is overwhelming. We find it really grateful how massive celestial bodies become small compared to the black hole as the game progresses.

Meet the team

  • Programming: Valerio Sevilla
  • Music and Sound FX: Elior "VAN17INO6" Dumont
  • Graphic Design: Alfonso Jurado, Lorena Ruiz
  • Game Design: Valerio Sevilla, Elior "VAN17INO6" Dumont and Alfonso Jurado

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Feed Me Stars 24 MB
Feed Me Stars (Windows 32/64 bits) 19 MB

Install instructions

Current version does not support right joystick; use the left one to move the character.

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